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We partner with our clients to understand their problems and deliver high impact technical solutions, using best practices in Agile development. Have a business challenge? Feel free to engage us!

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Our Approach

Exallion is a solution and service provider recognized widely for its innovative solutions. We have been able to help our customer achieve game-changing results through our solutions reflecting our rich industry experience with cutting-edge technologies.

We excel in solving business problems through technological interventions. We believe in understanding our customer's business problems in detail, redefining our technical approach to an extent that it becomes an answer to the problem, and imbruing it in agile development and delivery practices. We help our customers to focus on their businesses rather than problems.

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What we do!

Enterprise solutioning - Web and Mobile

We not only deliver the solutions but keep the essence of innovation alive into our solutions. This unique blend makes us stand out of the crowd. Designing and establishing appropriate and scalable technical architectures from the outset is key to support the future growth of any business. Our technological potential includes full stack development of the solutions including fully responsive, native, highly secure, and light weight frontend loosely coupled with distributed and highly available backend systems. We - usually - avoid just-in-time optimizations and premature overdesigning; it helps us avoid unnecessary complexities and delays in delivery.

Transformational Agile

Our projects follow an iterative agile delivery model, using a combination of best practices that we have established over years of working with different teams. We also help our customers to stay engagged with our development teams through our unique engagement process. This handshake, at times, also helps our customers to review and refine their processes, both on the engineering and product management side. We believe in becoming a trusted partner than simply consult and stay out of the game.

Product Philosophy

Understanding of our customer's vision towads a product, its business drivers and high impact areas, and product’s core hypothesis, enable us to suggest the approach that helps our customers to maximize ROI. This includes a combination of ‘what to build’, ‘when to release’, and 'how tgo market' in order to maximize value proposition and most rapidly learn from customer insights.

Infrastructure Consulting

An integral part of our technology DNA is to help customers achieve the desired turnaround time through our best in industry deployment strategy solutions. Besides keeping our solutions light-weight, we underpin them by putting a highly secure and available infrastructure. We are proud of being the expert and champion of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Our Team

We're a crisp yet highly talented team of 30+ technologists who are passionate about delivering great products to growing businesses. We're driven by a constant need to improve, learn, and share - whether that's a new skill, a new technology, or a new vision.

We have our development centers in Gurgaon & Jaipur and team members are located in US and India.

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Our Philosophy

Discuss, Define, Deliver

‘Unlike others, we strongly believe in spending more time in discussing and understanding the problem than inventing a unfledged or strayed solution. Our unparallel ways of defining the problem statement works as a lighthouse. We, ourselves, iteratively evolve the solution that are significantly data-driven and test it against all the odds, validate its firmness for customer thoughts, and then deliver it.

Technical Excellence

Our motto: never overengineer, but always design for the future. Scaling a technology is an art - and we excel it. We believe in understanding a system's performance requirements and delivering the most simple, robust, and maintainable solution to surmount these.

Killing a BUG

A BUG is something that can force you to sleep with your eyes opened. We are a team of self-driven agile developers that are fully equipped with the skills of making a software fully automated in terms of testing. To give the solution a real taste of testing, we have specialists who know where to find a bug - be it on functional, performance side or any other. Breaking an application is an art, our test team rule it.

Transparent Collaboration

We are a flat organization, so as a client/partner you can reach out to anyone in the organization you want. We use agile fundamentals to help our clients build the right product and in a way. An incremental functional richness of the product helps our customers to entirely rebrand their products and in turn stay in competition. Progress is presented every sprint, with shared burndowns for 100% transparency.

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